National Coal Transportation Association

NCTA Officers and Board of Directors

The Officers of the Association consist of a President, Vice President, and Secretary, each of whom are elected from the Board of Directors, and a Treasurer who is appointed or contracted for by the Board. The day to day operation of the Association is carried out by the Executive Director. The Board has also appointed Legal Counsel to assist the Board and Executive Director on matters of legal and administrative concern. Legal Counsel reports to the Executive Director, except as directed by the Board. The President of the Association serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and presides over all meetings. The membership of the Board of Directors consists of thirteen (13) members, each serving a three-year term. The property and business of the Association are managed by the Board of Directors.

Executive Director
John N. Ward

Emily Regis – Arizona Electric Power Cooperative

Vice President
Sharon Robinson – Blackhawk Mining

John Mayer – Associated Electric Coop

Dale Diulus – Salt River Materials

Board of Directors
Dan Appelbaum – (2024) Peabody Energy
David Carlile – (2023) Carlile Enterprises Inc.
Dale Diulus – (2024) Salt River Materials
Ben Jones – (2025) TVA
John Mayer – (2025) Associated Electric Power Cooperative
Greg Mayo – (2024) High Country Railcar
Barb Porter – (2023) Arch Coal Sales Company
Emily Regis – (2023) Arizona Electric Power Cooperative
Kim Roach – (2023) Western Fuels Association
Craig Romer – (2024) Xcel Energy
Sharon Robinson – (2023) Blackhawk Mining
Danielle Todacheene – (2024) Navajo Transitional Energy Company

Legal Counsel
Paul Linton

Director of Marketing and Member Services and Assistant Secretary
Melinda Canter