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National Coal Transportation Association

National Coal Transportation Association


The National Coal Transportation Association (NCTA) is a non-profit corporation whose primary purpose and objectives are to promote the operative and effective transportation of coal, to ensure adequate transportation services, facilities, and equipment for the transportation of coal, and to educate and inform NCTA association members and the general public on issues related to the use and effective transportation of coal.  The NCTA is a voluntary organization whose members are companies with an interest in the safe and effective use and transportation of coal.  

NCTA is committed to providing education for its members and the general public and to cooperatively resolve challenges and issues in the coal transportation industry. NCTA accomplishes its purposes and objectives by conducting three general educational conferences annually along with several active subcommittees to support its membership and provide leadership in the industry by following its mission and vision statements listed below. 

To promote the safe, economic, and reliable transportation of coal by facilitating communication among coal transport allied industries and associations to maximize the sharing of best-practices to serve the needs of industry and the public. 

NCTA will create a more cooperative and comprehensive industry-wide approach for the resolution of issues surrounding the transportation of coal throughout the United States and to destinations around the world. This will be accomplished through creating forums for mutual education and relationship-building among coal producers, consumers and transporters, allied industries and related associations, providing equipment and/or services for the transportation of coal.