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National Coal Transportation Association

National Coal Transportation Association


The Mission of the NCTA is to provide education and to facilitate resolution of coal transportation issues in order to serve the needs of the general public, industry, and all modes of transportation. This is accomplished through the sponsoring of educational fora and providing opportunities for the lawful exchange of ideas and knowledge within all segments of the coal transportation infrastructure.


The NCTA accomplishes its mission by focusing its efforts in three major areas:

  • The NCTA facilitates inter-industry cooperation to solve real world problems faced by coal producers, transporters, and coal consumers. NCTA has two extremely active subcommittees, the Logistics & Planning Subcommittee and the Operations & Maintenance Subcommittee. Although transportation companies are not qualified for membership under the NCTA charter, they are key members of these hard working subcommittees.

  • The NCTA actively promotes education generally through conferences and via testimony submitted to regulatory bodies and specifically through scholarships awarded to transportation students at several North American universities. The NCTA also awards four additional scholarships annually to the dependent sons and daughters of full time employees of member companies. The NCTA keeps members informed of the challenges of today while nurturing those that will confront the challenges of tomorrow.

  • The NCTA's three annual conferences are must attend events for members of the coal community. The Fall Conference and Business Meeting is traditionally held in September in Colorado. The Fall Conference is the most widely attended conference of its type in the coal industry. The Spring Conference is typically held in April or May in a location which varies from year-to-year. After a long winter of snowstorms in the basin and frozen coal in the thaw shed, think warm and sunny for the Spring Conference! Finally, the annual Operations & Maintenance Conference held each June focuses on the nuts and bolts (both literally and figuratively) of the mechanics of moving coal. The NCTA's annual events are well known as "Conferences with Character".