National Coal Transportation Association


“The mission of the NCTA is to provide education and facilitation for the resolution of coal transportation issues in order to serve the needs of the general public, industry, and all modes of transportation. This is accomplished through the sponsoring of educational fora and providing opportunities for the lawful exchange of ideas and knowledge with all elements of the coal transportation infrastructure.”


The National Coal Transportation Association (NCTA) is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation comprising electric utilities; coal producers; shippers of coal-related commodities (e.g., limestone and coal combustion products); and entities that produce, repair, and manage all facets of railcar component parts and systems, as well as services for railcar operations. Its primary purpose is to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and technology associated with the transportation and beneficial uses of coal.

NCTA members maintain a significant capital investment in the ownership, leasing, and control of fleets of railcars, which they provide to the railroads in unit trains of up to 150 cars. These fleets represent approximately 45% of the coal cars in service in the eastern U.S. and 90% of the coal cars in service in the western U.S.

NCTA members share a significant interest in the direct and ancillary costs of maintaining and operating a modern fleet of railcars to transport coal. Our membership advocates for the fair treatment of coal shippers regarding their total cost of service, including the costs of building and maintaining shippers’ facilities.