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Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship Eligibility

The dependents of full-time employees of companies which are Members in good standing of the NCTA. "Dependent" means the son or daughter of the employee is declared as a dependent exemption for income tax purposes under the rules and regulations established by the Internal Revenue Service. The applicant's parent must be employed by a Member company at the time the winners are selected.

David L. Laffere Memorial Scholarship

In 2009, NCTA established a scholarship in memory of our friend and colleague, David L. Laffere. David was the manager for fuels for Kansas City Power and Light Company and was also one of NCTA’s Board of Directors who died tragically in a car accident on June 2, 2009. Full endowment of the David L. Laffere Memorial scholarship has not yet been achieved. However, the Education Committee of the NCTA has named one the Member’s Dependent Scholarships, the David L. Laffere Memorial Scholarship, and is continuing to accept donations for full endowment.

Thomas C. Canter Honorary Scholarship

In 2019, NCTA established a scholarship to honor of its former Executive Director, Thomas C. Canter. Tom led our industry and the NCTA for over 24 years with a steadfast conviction that cheap energy from coal helped establish our nation as a world leader, and that with determination, we will persevere through whatever challenges we face and he fully understands that coal continues to have a vital role to play in our country’s future. Tom served our nation for several decades as a Captain in the US Navy. He was also the primary consultant during the development of the Los Angeles Export Terminal where he provided his knowledge and expertise to the automotive and logistics industries. Tom Canter continues to be an inspiration to us all with his dedication to this industry.

Application Procedure

Application forms will be available from the NCTA website at https://movecoal.org or will also be provided by email or mail by Contacting Melinda Canter, Director of Communications & Administrative Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The NCTA Education Committee will accept applications from April 15th through July 31st of each year.

Applicants for the College or University Scholarships may include grade transcripts and letters of recommendation but are not required to do so during the application process. However, certified grade transcripts will be requested from the finalist(s) selected to receive these Scholarships. The Education Committee will confirm the GPA in the transcripts against the application submitted before checks are mailed to the winners.

Applicants for Vocational, Trade, Certificate or Associate Degree Program Scholarships should include the description of the program the applicant is currently enrolled in, name of the school or training center as well as an estimated completion date for the program. Verification of all pertinent information on the application will be verified by the Education Committee before checks are mailed to the winners.

Selection Process

An initial selection process to select semi-finalists will be conducted by the NCTA Education Committee. If a Committee member discovers he/she has a personal connection to one of the applicants, he/she will not participate in the selection process for that year. In place of that Committee member, one of the NCTA Board members and/or the Executive Director will be asked to participate in the selection process for that year. The Committee will evaluate each application and select the final winners during the month of August each year. The committee will evaluate the applicants' academic record, test scores, extracurricular activities, skills development, and personal statements of career interest. The College Grade Point Average (GPA), assessments, or transcripts from Vocational or Associate Degree applicants will also be considered.

College transcripts are not required during the application process but will be required before the disbursement of checks to the selected awardees. Finalists will be selected largely on the basis of academic merit. Consideration will also be given to applicants with a stated interest in the various industries represented by the NCTA field of Membership. All applicants will be notified of final results as soon as possible in September after the winners have been selected and certified copies of the student’s transcripts or other pertinent data have been received by the Committee.

Responsibility of Recipients

Scholarship recipients must be enrolled as a full-time student for the College or University Scholarship or have proof of enrollment for the Vocational, Trade, Certificate or Associate Degree Scholarship in the fall of the year for which the scholarships are awarded. Scholarship recipients shall utilize their scholarship funds to pay for tuition, room and board, fees, books or other education-related expenses.

Program Administration

The four Member’s Dependent Scholarship winners including the David L. Laffere Memorial Scholarship and the Thomas C. Canter Honorary Scholarship will be announced at the NCTA’s Fall Conference. The winners will be notified by the Education Committee Chair, Vice-Chair, or the Communications and Administration office as soon as possible after the selection process is complete. On or about October 31st, scholarship recipients shall receive checks for the full scholarship award. Checks are made payable to the recipient. In the case of the four-year college scholarship, a check is disbursed only after receipt by NCTA of a certified college transcript. A list of the winners will also be posted on the NCTA website.

During each Fall and Spring NCTA Conference as well as the annual O&M Committee meeting, the Executive Director, Chair, or Vice-Chair of the Education Committee will remind the NCTA Membership of the upcoming deadline and criteria for applying for the Member’s Dependent scholarships. An email notice with information about the program and a link to the NCTA website scholarship page will be sent out to the designated representatives by April 15 as a reminder to provide their company’s employees (via human resources department, employee website, etc.) with information about the program.

Coal Transporter Articles

Education Committee may prepare short articles about each Member’s Dependent Scholarship winner to be included in the next issue published in the Coal Transporter. By accepting NCTA Scholarship monies, the recipients grant NCTA the right to use their names, photos, etc., as well as information such as the school attended, field of study, and information about the company that the student’s parent is employed by. The articles will be reviewed and approved by the student and copies of the issue will be provided to them upon request.