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National Coal Transportation Association

Membership Benefits

Focus on Coal Transportation
While your company likely belongs to other industry associations, no other provides the combination of education and real-world results that come from NCTA membership. The financial impact associated with the procurement and delivery of coal demands this focus. The NCTA continues to have a high level of national prominence and credibility by participating in hearings, workshops, and symposiums; coordinating with ad hoc coalitions; providing resource material for governmental agencies; and negotiating and educating on issues of general membership concern with carriers.

Conferences with Character
For three days each spring and fall, the NCTA provides coal industry professionals with an exclusive opportunity to share their outlook and knowledge and exchange ideas. NCTA conferences provide members the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others who have similar responsibilities and from outside experts in an open and non-competitive environment. Think of the ideas you can borrow, the pitfalls you can avoid, and the valuable insights you can give and receive.

Logistics and Planning Subcommittees
The Eastern and Western Logistics and Planning Subcommittees do much of the heavy lifting to solve problems with respect to the efficient operation of the coal delivery process. An important source of strength is our working committee system that is made possible by the dedication and expertise of our member representatives and the carriers.

Operations and Maintenance Subcommittee
For companies that do not have the resources, or have diminished resources, to support company representation on industry and consensus-based technical panels, the O&M Committee helps fill the gap. The annual conference program provides excellent information on new technologies and best practices for coal car design, maintenance, and repair.

Commitment to Education
Education is a hallmark of the NCTA. NCTA educates its members via annual conferences and publications. The NCTA also supports education through its scholarship program, which awards scholarships to students in transportation at several major universities as well as to the dependent sons and daughters of employees of member companies.

Policy Insights
The Board of Directors continues to meet in Washington, D.C., each year to visit governmental agencies and other trade associations. Maintaining a presence in Washington enables NCTA to have input into federal policymaking and to better represent member concerns on federal issues. NCTA fosters relationships with key personnel and departments within the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, the Surface Transportation Board, the Federal Railroad Administration, and with various elected representatives. NCTA is an educational entity that does not officially lobby for or against legislation. However, we do actively participate with a position in hearings and rulemaking proceedings of interest to our membership.

Through its website, NCTA communicates with NCTA Member companies and others with an interest in coal transportation—linking members with potential customers as well as with relevant online informational resources. A "Members Only" section provides member contact details, valuable information on current subcommittee initiatives, conference presentation archives, and other items of interest exclusively to NCTA members. 

The NCTA also publishes the semi-annual magazine Coal Transporter, which apprises members of new technologies, upcoming conferences, subcommittee activities, STB proceedings, and coal news of national and international importance. The magazine also contains feature articles and interviews with industry participants, regulators, and members in the know. 

If you are interested in advertising in Coal Transporter, please contact us. To get on the mailing list, you can sign up online using the form found on the Contact Us page. 

Membership in the NCTA is a sound business decision with a solid return on investment, and we look forward to serving you. Our logo—the symbol of NCTA membership—brings credibility like no other, backed by a long history of member company participation and know-how. A member company of the National Coal Transportation Association is not just another utility, coal supplier, railroad equipment company, or coal-related services organization—it is part of a tradition of excellence and, through its affiliation with the NCTA, signals an exceptional commitment and obligation to the market, its customers, and to the public.