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National Coal Transportation Association

Membership in the NCTA

Membership Criteria and Annual Dues
In accordance with the Association´s bylaws, membership in the NCTA is open to producers or consumers of coal produced in North America and other entities that are interested in its transportation and related issues, provided, however, that entities or their affiliates whose primary business is providing transportation of coal by rail, barge, truck, pipeline slurry, or any other mode shall not be eligible for membership. Although they are not members, railroad companies, barge lines, and truck companies are integral to the NCTA, and their participation is the cornerstone of success in NCTA subcommittee efforts.

This membership structure helps both the NCTA and coal transportation companies produce better and more enduring solutions. It allows issues to be confronted head-on rather than avoided in the interest of member harmony. The various subcommittee decision-making processes are improved through better analysis of solutions and an understanding of the perspectives of others.

Dues for membership in the NCTA are $1,900 for Regular members and $1,700 for Associate members. Dues are determined by the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting and are payable on the last business day of January.

Current Members
Over half of our current members are direct producers or consumers of coal, making the NCTA an important and respected voice for North America´s coal-consuming utilities. While many groups put on great conferences, the NCTA helps solve some of the industry´s most challenging problems. The NCTA is coal producers, equipment and parts manufacturers, service providers, energy experts, and utilities working together with transporters in the stewardship of North America's valuable coal resources.

President´s Report
The President´s Report, which is presented to the Association's members at the Annual Business Meeting in September, is an excellent summary of the activities of the NCTA during the preceding 12-month period.

Membership Benefits
The reasons for joining NCTA are numerous from both a personal and professional perspective. The coal transportation industry continues to evolve and faces many challenges in the process. NCTA gives you a strong voice in the issues that have a direct impact on the efficiency and economics of your business.

Apply Online Now
All applications must be approved by the Board of Directors. After filling out the online application, submit payment for the annual dues to the address below:

National Coal Transportation Association
John N. Ward
Executive Director
8181 Arista Place, Suite 100
Broomfield, CO  80021